Our basic principle is; providing fast, reliable and cost-effective service always with our internationally certified training personnel.


Installation, Mounting, Training Field Study

On-site Service

Maintenance, calibration, validation

Training, Commissioning

Supplying spare parts and consumables


All brands of Spectrophotometer, pH, Conductivity, Oxygen, Turbidity, Oven, Incubator, Thermoreactor, equipment maintenance and validation of the equipment is done with certified standards.


– All kinds of devices sent to the Technical Service Department are subjected to a detailed preliminary examination with the latest technology testing equipment and the fault is determined.


– We provide guaranteed maintenance and repair validation services for Merck-Hach-Thermo etc. and all other brands / models devices.


Calibration of Spectrophotometer

Calibration of UV / VIS Spectrophotometer devices is carried out with calibration certificates according to international standards.

Calibration is carried out by certified experts who are trained in calibration and service training in the international companies.

In the calibration of spectrophotometer devices specified in the standard method ASTM E275-08;

Wavelength accuracy at 1 nm bandwidth in the wavelength range of 250 nm to 1100 nm,

Calibration of two parameters including photometric accuracy at 1 nm bandwidth in the range of 0.03 Abs – 1.08 Abs can be performed.

Keypad, bathtub module, filter and optical path cleaning, electronic card cleaning

Also in our laboratory Wavelength accuracy, neutral density and leakage radiation filters.

-The customers are responsible for the problems caused by the transportation and packaging process of the device sent to our technical service.

– Products sent to our technical service must be retrieval within 90 days. No rights can be claimed for products which are not receipt on time.

– VAT is not included in the price offer.