Prolabteknik PM-NAC PM Sampling System – Domestic Production – Manufacturing

Domestic product, Internal printer measurement data output.
Fully automatic model fully compatible with TS-EN 12341 reference design
1 – 2.3 m3/h constant flow
Maximum +/- 2% flow tolerance during sampling
Self-timer module (start time adjustable)
Time-Volume limited programming
Automatic volume correction with microprocessor
TS-EN 12341 compliant PM10 head and 3 legs (optionally mounted on the body)
EPA CFR-40 cap compliant (optional)
PM2.5 and TSP header compatible (optional)
Possibility to automatically resume sampling in case of power cuts
Simple use with one button-Turkish & Engilish menu
47mm cassette , Internal memory .
Suitable for working in waterproof outdoor conditions
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